Nela Kondapalli

Nelakondapalli, located around 22 km away from Khammam, is associated with the Hindu epic Mahabharata. The Virata Raju Dibba and Keechaka Gundam, archaeological evidences from the period of the Mahabharata, can be seen here.

The Buddhist Stupas and idols, found during the excavations conducted at this site in 1977, are other attractions. During the excavations, several viharas, wells, mahastupas, cisterns and a bronze idol of Lord Budddha were also discovered.

A miniature stupa, carved from mine stone belonging to the 3rd or 4th century, was found during excavations. Photographs and images unearthed from the spot claim that the site was the birthplace of Kancharla Gopanna, also known as Bhakta Ramadas. The Bhakta Ramadas Dhyana Mandir, old house of Kancharla Gopanna, and some ancient temples depict the ancient past of this site.