Kinnerasani Wild Life Sanctuary

The Kinnerasani Wildlife Sanctuary is located around 2 km away from the city centre of Khammam. This sanctuary is popularly known as Deer Park and is home to various wild animals, birds and reptiles.

It forms part of the Dandakaranya Forests and mainly has southern dry mixed deciduous forests, grasslands, dry teak forests and dry bamboo brakes. The sanctuary is located on the right bank of the Kinnerasani River and sprawls over an area of around 635.40 sq km.

This sanctuary is home to animals like cheetal, chinkara, sambar and wild boars. Gaur, jackal, hyena, panther, tiger, sloth bear and black buck are some of the other animals that can be spotted in the sanctuary. Some of the common species of birds found in the sanctuary are pea fowl, quails, jungle fowl, partridge, teal, spoonbill and dove

Reptiles like viper, python, cobra and krait can be spotted in the marshlands of the sanctuary. The plant species found here are maddi, yegissa, yepi, sommi, bandaru, thandra, amla and mango, among others. A huge reservoir constructed by a famous poet, Viswanatha Satyanarayana, on the Kinnerasani River, is the prime attraction of this sanctuary.